Waterborne Glass Paint Emulsion

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Waterborne Glass Paint Emulsion
This “Waterborne Glass Paint Emulsion” is specially designed for Waterborne Glass Paint, which has an excellent adhesion,wonderful water resistance and alcohol resistance for glass base materials.

Main characterics and advantages
1.Corrosion resistance ,solvent resistance, colour enduring ,decrease recoating times .
2.Wonderful adhesion,flexibility and high hardness, which provides wonderful protection for glass surface materials .

Appearance Translucent milke white liquid Glass transition temperature (℃)


Solidity content measured in weight(%) 43±0.5 Brookfield viscosity (centipoise ,LVT,2# rotor,60 revolutions/minute,25℃


Polymer type Acrylate copolymer Hydroxyl value(measured in solidity content)


PH 6.5-7.5 Acid value (measured in solidity content)


Minimum film forming temperature(℃) 10

Waterborne amino baking varnish.
Cytec 327 or 325 is recommended for curing agent and the added amount is 10%-20% of emulsion .

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