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The new type PVC calcium zinc stabilizer is compounded by special technology with calcium,zinc,lubricant,antioxidant and chelating agent as main component ,which not only can replace the lead cadmium salt stabilizer,but also can replace the organic tin and other stabilizers,and has good thermal stability,weather resisitance,flame retardant,light stability and transparency and coloring force. Practice has proved that in PVC products,thermal stability can fully replace the lead salt stabilizer,and it is a new kind of environmental friendly stabilizer with excellent performance,totally applied into PVC products,surface precipitation and migration generated for ordinary calcium zinc stabilizer .

A new generation of environmentally friendly products,with non-toxic,efficient features,easy to use .
It has good dispersion,compatibility ,processing mobility in PVC resin processing,wide applicability,and excellent finish of product surface.
Good stable effect,less dosage and versatility.
UV resistance and weather resistance are execellent,and the processed products can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions.

3.Classification and portion added


Recommended Scope of Application

Product features

PHR for reference



Excellent plasticizing effect,strong weather resistance and long term thermal stability




Strong lubrication performance and high dispersion




Excellent internal and external lubrication matching,and enhance strength and whiteness of products


4.Universal formula
1).Suggest to add the plasticizer about 35-60 according to the different products.
2).Adding chlorinated paraffin according the every client’s own needs.
3). For the plug products ,suggest to adding more dosage of PE wax appropriately , for other series products , the dosage of lubricant agent should be added based on the different machinery’s performance .
4). For temperature control , suggested that Powder disintegration is 90-110℃, the extrusion of colloidal particles is about 120-160 ℃and cable extrusion is about 150-180℃.
5).Also can customized the formula as per your special requirements by our research center.

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