What is the Airport Marking Line? Why need chlorinated rubber in the painting?

Airport Marking Line refers to ground warning markings, ground guidance texts, patterns, LOGOs, etc. on the airport apron, waiting hall, security check channel, airport reception hall and other places.

The application of airport marking line: 

1.The pre-formed marking products are suitable for all ground signs and markings in the airport except for the runway line;

2. Direct-adhesive reflective film products are suitable for all signs or billboards that need to be marked on the wall or three-dimensional surface in the airport.


1.The construction is convenient and fast. The markings and various texts and patterns in the waiting area can be directly pasted by tearing off the separating paper on the back.

2. The product has good night reflection performance or self-cleaning performance;

3. The color is beautiful, and the indoor service life of ground products can reach more than 5 years.

4. Applicable to the ground and wall of various materials

5. According to customer needs, various specifications of markings, ground markings and wall markings can be customized.

To be more important , in the airport marking line paiting ,you need our chlorinated rubber for aids.

Post time: Jun-26-2021