The Road Marking Painting

Road marking paint series, including normal temperature solvent type and hot-melt reflective type, suitable for traffic marking change on asphalt or concrete pavements of various flows, with hard paint film, abrasion resistance and weather resistance, good color retention and road adhesion Good and many other characteristics, it is the first choice marking paint for expressways, high-grade highways and high-flow highways.

Type:  road marking paint is divided into two types:

1. Hot-melt road reflective line paint

Road reflective marking paint is a small particle powder coating synthesized by using foreign high-quality resins, pigments, aggregates, additives and other chemical materials. The paint can be melted by heating to form a thick film at a suitable temperature. The color of the coating film is bright, recognizable, and the reflection effect at night is excellent. Good construction performance, fast drying, strong adhesion, good wear resistance and durability, suitable for coating various road surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. It is especially suitable for coating urban roads and highways that require quick drying as signs and markings.

2. Normal temperature (cold coating) road marking paint

Cold-coated road marking paint is made of resin, pigments, fillers and organic solvents. It has fast drying, medium resistance and good workability. It is widely used in various roads such as asphalt and concrete, as well as in factories, institutions, schools, parking lots and sports fields. 3. Suburban roads and highway road markings are generally more suitable for hot-melt road reflective coatings.

• Composition: a one-component coating composed of acrylic resin, pigments and fillers, additives, solvents, etc.

• Features: The paint film is tough, strong adhesion, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent water resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, clear paint film, and no bleeding on asphalt pavements.

• Purpose: Suitable for marking markings on asphalt roads.

• Appearance: yellow, red and white

• Density: about 1.30μμ

• Painting method: rolling, brushing, spraying

• Thinner: JB86 special thinner

• Drying time: 23 2℃: 3 minutes for surface drying and 10 minutes for actual drying

• Painting interval: 23 2℃: the shortest 1 hour

• Theoretical dosage: 320~350 g/m2

• Film thickness: wet film: 250μm; dry film: 100μm;

• Surface treatment: When applying by brushing or rolling, brush quickly in the same direction, and do not brush back and forth to prevent the asphalt from seeping out. The diluent should be added in an appropriate amount, and the construction should not be under the hot direct sunlight to prevent the asphalt from seeping out.


Post time: Jun-22-2021