The common PVC aids and its function are as following:

The common PVC aids and its function are as following:

1.Heat stabilizer: prevent the PVC from decompose ,generally speaking ,enhance the heat stabilizer characteristic of resion largely.

2.Organic tin stabilizer: suit for the hard products of pipe or pipe parts ,window .

3.Cal/Zin stabilizer: not only suit for the plasticizer ,but also suit for the hard products ,especially suit for the food touching requirement.

4.Methyl tin and zin-tin compound stabilizer: suit for the container need to be touched with food .

5.Lead stabilizer: with the super insulation, suit for the plasticizer aids of cable or electrical wire.

6.Ba-zin stabilizer : compared with ba-Cd stabilizer , more suitable for environment , used for profile products ,plasticizer of cable coating.

7.Organic phosphorous acid and hindered phenol: suit for aids and stabilizer .

8.Impact modifier: suit for all kinds of acrylic resins(such as ABS) , chlorinated polyethylene, Ethyl monovinyl acetate.

9.Processing aids: commonly ,suit for poly-methyl arclic resin and acrylic resin series products .

10.Lubricant aids: with inside lubricant and outside lubricant . Generally speaking , with polarity perssad or nonpolar perssad surfactant .

11.Plasticizer : supporting the Cross-linking point in the PVC crystallized place ; can absorb the large quantity of plasticizer in the vagiform place to up to being the similar rubber material . less quantity of plasticizer can supply the special function for the special using .

12.Phthalate: It is common plasticizer ,based on the environment , some kinds of products such as DOP , some countries have forbided to use it .

13.Citrate: used for the PVC products ,that need to touch the food things.

15.Benzoas: used for anti-contamination PVC products.

16.Chlorhydrocarbons: with retardant ability and good electricity ability.

17.Alkyate:Improving the retardant featuresand reduce the volatility , make the products with the super low soft .

18.Trimellitic anhydride: reducing the volatility and supply the super low temperature feature.

19.Epoxy plastic agent: reducing the volatility.

20.Stuffing: used for rigidity and reduce the cost and control the gloss.

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