How to use chlorinated rubber paint?

1): Stir the paint thoroughly before using it, totally clean the oil, water, dust and other dirt from the face. (It is recommended to remove rust by sandblasting to Sa2.5 level or manual rust removal to St3 level) to ensure the quality of painting.  

Packing: 20 kg per barrel. Silver finish paint : 16 kg of component A: 2 kg of component B. mix evenly and then apply it.Other colors: mix evenly and then apply it.  

2): There must be an interval of 6 hours when applying each coat. After the last primer is applied, it must be 24 hours before the first top coat is applied. After the last top coat is applied, it should be dried at room temperature for 7d-10d Can be used later.  

3): For atmospheric corrosion, four coats (two bottoms and two sides) are recommended, and six coats (two bottoms and four sides) or more are recommended for parts with severe corrosive media.  

4): Should be stopped when it is rainy or when the relative humidity is greater than 75%. If the paint is too thick during construction, a special thinner can be used to adjust the viscosity.  

5): The storage period is twelve months. After the expiration, various technical indicators are inspected, and the technical requirements can be continued to be used.

Post time: Jul-30-2021