Chinacoat Exhibition in Guangzhou.

Weifang Dehua Polymer New Material Co.,ltd participated the ChinaCoat exhibition in Guangzhou from 8th to 10th ,Dec,2020 year.

At the exhibition, we’ve met so many friends in this field who all satisfied with our new products, The raw materials of painting such as water-based plastics and rubber emulsions (one-component and two-component). Water-based glass emulsion (one-component and two-component), water-based metal paint emulsion (one-component and two-component), water-based wood paint emulsion (one-component and two-component), and baking paint emulsion.

Another new product is chlorinated rubber (an additive that can be used in pavement paint and anti-corrosion materials).

Except for that ,we also produce the chemcials as following

The PVC Stablizers , CPVC( Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), HCPE (High Chlorinated Polyethlene), CPE(Chlorinated Polyethlene), CR(Chlorinated Rubber) , Acrylic Processing Aid(ACR) , Acrylic Impact Modifier(AIM), AS Resin TR869, Spray Polyurea Elastomer(SPUA) , Metallic paint emulsion, Glass Paint Emulsion, Wood lacquer Emulsion, Plastic and Rubber Paint Emulsion, Elastic Anti Collision Material , Metal Structure Anticorrosion Material , Elastic Waterproof Material , Quick Reactive Spray Polyurea Floor Material .

Each of these series above has several grades depend on different clients and can be used in ink and so on , the aqueous phased suspension chlorinated process is harmless to both nature and the environment .It used water as a reaction medium instead of poisonous liquids such as carbon tetrachloride ,trichloromethane and dichloromethane .Therefore ,this process does not damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere .This technich is recommended by the Montreal International Pact of Environmental Protection and is one of the leading techniques in the world ,.as the products made from this process are entirely free of toxic components such as carbon tetrachloride.By our efforts,the quality of  our chemicals is gradually surpassing traditional products through solvent methods ,with a more competitive performance-price ratio.

Let’s meet with each other in China Coat in Shanghai next year.


Post time: Jan-27-2021