Lubricating Acrylic Processing Aid for PVC products

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Lubricating Acrylic Processing Aid has a unique lubricating function,applying to all PVC products,such as sheet,films ,bottles,
profile,pipe,pipe fitting,injection molding and foaming board.

Main Types
LP175, LP175A,LP175C,LPn175

Technical Specification

Item Unit Specification
Appearance White Powder
Sieve Residue(30mesh) % ≤2
Volatile Content % ≤1.2
Intrinsic Viscosity(η) 0.5-1.5
Apparent Density g/ml 0.35-0.55

In the PVC forming process , adding a small amount of Lubricating Acrylic Processing Aid will strip PVC products from metal mold easily and give the PVC products better flow ability ,based on the original transparency . At the same time ,it will prolong the process time , increase the output ,and give the products a fineness surface .
Lubricating Acrylic Processing Aid can be used alone,also be used  with other processing aids to promote the plasticization of PVC resin .
As our technical experiences ,LP175 and LP175P can be used in both transparent and nontransparent PVC products.  LPn175 only be used in the nontransparent PVC products.
PP Woven bags with sealed inner plastic bags,25kg/bag.

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