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TR869 is styrene acrylonitrile copolymer ,this AS resin with a ultra-high molecular weight,its average molecular weight is over 5 million.It is processing aid for ABS,ASA,ABS/PC alloys .It is also the foam adjustment agent for PVC products.It can also be used in the PVC products which have a special request on heat resistance .
It is white powder ,can not be dissolve in water ,alcohol ,but can be easily dissolved in acetone ,chloroform.The sanitary index is in accordance with GB9681-88.

Technical Specification

Item Unit Specification
Appearance White Powder
Sieve Residue (30mesh) % ≤2
Volatile Content % ≤1.2
Intrinsic Viscosity(η) 11-13
Apparent Density g/ml 0.30-0.45

also can be used in PVC products which have a special request on heat resistance.

Product Benefits

Enhance melt strength and elasticity, imporove the strength and the structure of the foam hole .Enhance the control ability to the thermal form and process property ,reduce the contractibility of the products ,improve the strength of welding line , improve the thermal stability of the rudiments of ABS ,ABS/PC,also improve the gloss of ABS film and sheet ,improve the heat resistant and improve the surface gloss and transparency ,improve the anti solvent and scrap resistance of PMMA .

PP woven bags with sealed inner plastic bags ,25kg/bag .

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