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Anti Corrosive Material

  • Spray Polyurea Elastomer (SPUA)

    Spray Polyurea Elastomer (SPUA)

    Introduction  The spray polyurea elastomer (SPUA) is an environmental construction technology to meet world environmental protection requirements.It is quickly blended with two kinds liquids ,A and B ,under high pressure by special spraying equipment to achieve fast curing molding. Characteristics 100% solid content ,environment friendly and no volatile solvents. Durable and lasting corrosion resistance ,better than FRP,3PE and epoxy etc. Excellent waterproof performance ,better than coil...
  • quick reactive spray polyurea floor material

    quick reactive spray polyurea floor material

    Introduction DH831 industrial floor material is quick reactive spray polyurea elastomer material ,It has the features of quick reactive and formation and continuous coating with no sagging .It has excellent waterproof and anticorrosion performance and high anti-wear performance .With high elasticity and elongation ,the surface still remain a continuous integrated even if the substrate crashed Application DH831 industrial floor is applied to various enterprise workshops for the terrace prot...
  • metal structure anticorrosin material

    metal structure anticorrosin material

    Introduction DH621 metal structure anticorrosion material is the polyurea material ,consisting isocyanate semi prepolymer ,amine chain extender ,polyether,pigment and ausxiliaries , with excellent anticorrosion property and easy usage for construction . Application DH621 metal structure anticorrosion material is used in anticorrosion of various metal chemical facilities in petroleum and chemical industry field ,such as chemical storage tank ,pickling pond ,steel material crude oil tank ,o...
  • Elastic Waterproof Material

    Elastic Waterproof Material

    Introduction DH821 elastic water proof material is the spray polyurea elastomer material consisting isocyanate ,semi prepolymer ,amine chain extender,polyether,pigment and auxiliaries,it is a new kind of environment friendly coating materials . Application DH 821 elastic waterproof material is mainly used for the water proof of the concrete structures such as roofs , reservoir ,swimming pool ,aquarium ,tunnel water proof ,dam ,bridges and water conservancy projects , It is also used in wat...
  • elastic anti collision material

    elastic anti collision material

    Introduction DH511 elastic anti collision material is the spray polyurea elastomer material ,that is consisted of isocyannate semi prepolymer, amine chain extender, polyether,pigment and auxiliaries.It is a kind of new environment friendly coating material . Application DH511 elastic anti collision material is specially designed for protection of marine board ,dock ,navigation mark and bumper boat ,the floating material that is made of DH511 Elastic Anti-collision Material will not sink even...