Acrylic Impact Modifier(AIM)

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AIM product series are new kinds of core shell acrylic copolymers ,the glass transition temperature of core layer is -50℃~-30℃, The series of impact modifier has not only the impact modified performance but also good processing performance ,can significatly improve the impact modified performance and surface gloss of the finished products,and give perfect weather resistance and aging resistance properties ,expecially suitable for outdoor products , widely used in the nondeformable PVC rigid products and some of engineering plastics .

Technical Specifications

Item Unit IM10 IM20 IM21 IM80
Appearance White Powder
Sieve Residue(30mesh) % ≤2
Volatile Content % ≤1.0
Core Glass Transition Temperature ≤-35 ≤-35 ≤-30 ≤-40
Apparent Density g/ml 0.40-0.55




IM10 Fast plasticing type ,it is used in fast extrusion of PVC rigid products.
IM20 Popular type,it is used in extrusion of PVC rigid products.
IM21 Economical type,it is used in special requirements from the clients.
IM80 It is used in some engineering plastic ,such as PMMA,PC products etc.

Product benefits
1.Excellent weather resistance
2.Excellent impact strength.
3.Excellent processing performance.
PP woven bags with sealed inner plastic bags ,25kg /bag .

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